Besøg fra Erfurt

19. september 2018 af Inge Junker
Vi har modtaget to tekster fra eleverne fra Erfurt, som var her for to uger siden. Den ene på tysk, den anden på engelsk.
Am 02.09.2018 war es endlich soweit – 30 Schüler und Schülerinnen des Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasiums Erfurt machten sich auf den Weg nach Århus in Dänemark. Nach zehn Stunden Busfahrt kamen wir am frühen Abend am Marselisborg-Gymnasium an und wurden schon gespannt erwartet. Die Gastfamilien nahmen uns freundlich und offenherzig auf – es war ein angenehmes erstes Kennenlernen. Wir verstanden uns schnell, ob in Englisch, Deutsch oder nonverbal/ohne Worte (?). Eine interessante Woche lag vor uns…

Wir sahen uns Ausstellungen im ARoS an, fuhren mit dem Fahrrad in das Moesgaard Museum, wo wir einen eindrucksvollen Tag verbrachten. Mehrmals waren wir auch am Strand und obwohl das Wasser sehr kalt war, trauten sich einige von uns schwimmen zu gehen. An den meisten Vormittagen hatten wir Unterricht, in dem uns zum Beispiel die deutsch-dänische Geschichte erklärt oder sogar ein paar Worte Dänisch beigebracht wurden.

Die Abende mit unseren Austauschschülern waren sehr reich an Erfahrungen und vor allem eure Musik gefiel vielen von uns sehr. Freundschaften entstanden, sowie schöne Erinnerungen. So fiel uns der Abschied am 08.09.2018 nicht leicht.

Und wir danken nochmal allen, die an dem Austausch mitgewirkt haben, für die schöne Zeit bei euch! Wir freuen uns schon euch wieder zu sehen und hoffen Erfurt wird euch genauso gefallen wie uns Aarhus. 

Bis dahin liebe Grüße aus Deutschland vom Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium 😁

Student-Exchange Denmark

On Sunday morning at 6 o’clock our journey to Aarhus began with us 30 students curiously waiting to meet our Danes. We were lucky that we weren’t caught in any traffic jams, which is why we arrived more than punctual in front of the Marselisborg Gymnasium. We were then welcomed very friendly by our Danish exchange students and later on by the rest of our host families as well.

Our first day at the Danish school started with a big meeting in their magnificent cafeteria, where we experienced a 3 minutes long speed dating with up to 6 Danes, to get to know each other better. Later at 10 o’clock we had history lessons with our teacher Sebastian and learned something about Denmark’s and Aarhus’ history. We weren’t aware of the fact that we had to hand in our cell phones at the beginning of the lessons, which left some of us a bit confused. After we finished school, we participated in a guided tour through Aarhus, which made us take a look at the most important sights that Aarhus had to offer. The end of the tour brought us to Dokk1, from where we were able to explore the city further on our own and eventually meet up with our Danes at the Street Food Festival nearby, so that we could enjoy the evening.

On Tuesday, our school day started with social studies, where the Danes joined us as well. We were supposed to create a treasure hunt using the app Woop and thought of political and funny questions to ask within our group. Afterwards we prepared our visit of the ARoS art museum, which we then visited shortly after. The most impressive part of the exhibition was the so called ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’, which required the visitor to become a part of the art itself. This word for word ‘colorful’ experience stuck inside our heads for a while. A little trip to the beach in the afternoon was also planned and some of the German students grabbed the opportunity with both hands and jumped right into the ocean.

The next day we started off with some hours of Drama, where we found out which kind of art we were able to produce with just our bodies themselves: human sculptures! Our creations worked out more or less in the end. We followed the lesson up with some more physical exercise, which resulted in the bicycle tour to Moesgaard Museum. We managed to arrive there without any casualties, even though there were some smaller incidents with the bikes. When we finally arrived, we were astonished by the look of the building and were also impressed by the realism and interactively character of the exhibition.

Thursday was our day before last, but it was a special day for us nonetheless. We prepared for our big moment on the next day, with that I mean that we learned and practiced the Danish song ‘vilde kaniner’ It was considered to be the start of tomorrows ‘morgensamling’. At the end of our pronunciation struggle, we were set free to do some sports. We went to the park together with the Danes and did various exercises there. We especially honed our frisbee throwing skills, but after the fun time, the seriousness took its place instead, because the traditional football match was about to begin. Both teams played their hearts out, but in the end, there was only one winner to be found: after some unlucky, but avoidable mistakes on the German team, the Danes eventually claimed the upper hand and were able to continue their winning streak.

On our last day, we performed, what else could it have been, the infamous song ‘vilde kaniner’ in front of the whole school while ‘morgensamling’. And as if that wasn’t enough, we topped it all off with the ‘Flieger song’ while we were slowly making our exit. You could say that that was a bit embarrassing, but what wouldn’t we do to make our host school laugh, right? Sadly, the good weather left us on that day and we had to visit Den gamle by while it was raining, but in exchange for very good weather the past days of the week, it wasn’t half bad. In the evening we did what was done in the years before as well: a farewell party in the teachers’ room. There we could look at the photographs of the German-Danish couples which we took though the course of week and also watched some of the videos that we created on Friday morning. Those videos showed some of our impressions on our relationships and were a very much needed funny addition to our farewell mood.

Now, on Saturday morning, the time to say goodbye had come. The bus arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning to pick us up and bring us back to Erfurt and we prepared to part with our fellow Danes. After our departure, we slowly realized that our traffic luck left us. After 12 hours of driving we finally arrived back in our city, exhausted, but at the same time looking forward to the next year, when we will be welcoming the Danish to Germany! anvender vi cookies. Cookies er i mange tilfælde nødvendige for at få en hjemmeside til at fungere. Cookies kan anvendes til at skelne de forskellige brugere på en hjemmeside fra hinanden samt til at måle trafik på en hjemmeside. Klikker du videre på siden, accepterer du, at der sættes cookies til ovennævnte formål.